Keeley Compressor Plus 4-Knob Compressor Pedal

The Classic Keeley Compressor with Sustainer and Attack/Release Switch | Item ID: KCOMPPLUS

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  • SustainAdjusts compression ration and increases sustain
  • BlendAdjusts mix of compressed and uncompressed signal
  • Attack / ReleaseAdjusts the attack and release for single coils or humbuckers
  • Level Adjusts for gain lost to compression or blend. Set to unity or turn it up for a boost
  • ToneAdjusts brightness of output. Turn right for brighter tone
  • FootswitchTurns effect on or off


Type: Compressor
Power Supply: 9V Negative Tip
Ins - Outs: 1 In - 1 Out
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: None
Battery Connection: No

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