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Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe Pedal

Multi-Effect with 5 Vintage Style Effects and Expression Input |



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Inspired by the experimental nature of 1960s psychedelia, the Monterey from Keeley Electronics delivers just about everything needed for a proper flashback experience! By looking at the pedal, we can infer whose sound the Monterey is going after, and this pedal inspires original creativity based on his sonic palette – as the man himself would most likely approve of.

First in the Monterey is a classic two-knob fuzz circuit based around vintage Fairchild Semiconductor transistors, which exhibit medium gain and the feel of germanium transistors without the temperamental nature. Controls for level and fuzz are the topmost two knobs on the Monterey.

The Monterey also features a three-mode modulation section, with four controls: Level, rate, depth, and octave – which is a variable control contingent on the modulation mode the Monterey is set to. “Rotary” mode emulates a Leslie style rotating speaker cabinet, with classic slow and fast speeds able to be dialed in with ease. In this mode, Octave controls high end. The “Vibe” mode takes on the legendary pulsating modulation of the original Shin-E design. Last is the very unique “Wah” mode, which depending on its settings acts as a fixed wah, auto wah, or self-modulating harmonic wah. In both the Vibe and Wah modes, the octave control adds either one octave up or down to the signal, and center positon takes it out.

With a TRS expression pedal, the user can control the speed of the modulation, or have a conventional wah pedal at his or her disposal. On the back of the Monterey is a semi-recessed reorder switch, allowing the user to set whether the fuzz in the Monterey is before or after the modulation section.

The Monterey runs on a single standard -9V power, which is an added plus for the styles of effects produced by this pedal. In the ‘60s, these effects were either powered by batteries, grounded IEC power, or man-power – that being two roadies to load in the rotary speaker!

Add the Monterey to your pedalboard and kiss the sky!


Type: Fuzz
Power Supply: 9V Negative Tip
Ins - Outs: 1 In - 1 Out
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: Yes
Battery Connection: No