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Marshall Joe Satriani Edition JVM410 100 Watt Head - Used

Item ID: ISS6521C


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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The JVM range of heads and combos is Marshall's multi-channel workhorse loaded with features and tones for any scenario. This, the Joe Satriani Edition JVM410H is a 100 watt JVM four channel head tuned to Satch's spec for live and studio use, calling also on preamp layouts of Marshalls from the past. It features a quartet of EL34 power tubes and a quartet of channels - each with three modes. Speaking of past Marshalls - on the crunch channel, the Orange mode is a JCM800 preamp, and the Red mode is the AFD100 head, made for Slash.

Satriani's lead tone is chock full of gain and sustain, but wide open to capture the dynamic range of his playing and pickup selection.

The JVM410H JS also features two master volumes and individual noise gates per channel. All of these features are footswitchable. The footswitch cable is also a 1/4 mono guitar lead - not a 10 pin, MIDI, or other proprietary cable.

This head is in excellent condition and shows no signs of extended use.