Moog Minimoog Model D Analog Synthesizer

44-key, 3-oscillator synth with Fatar keybed, dedicated LFO, and spring-loaded/center deadband pitchwheel | Item ID: MINMOOGD0401

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Number Of Keys: 44
Keyboard Range: F0 to C4
Sound Sources: 3x Oscillators, Noise Generator and External Audio Input
Oscillator Frequency Range: 0.1 to 20 kHz (In Six Overlapping Ranges)
Oscillator Waveforms: Triangle, Triangle-Sawtooth (Oscillator–1, Oscillator–2), Reverse Sawtooth (Oscillator–3), Sawtooth, Rectangle, Wide Pulse and Narrow Puls
Noise Generator: White and Pink
LFO Rate: 0.05Hz to 200 Hz
LFO Waveform: Triangle (knob down); Square (knob up)
Filter Type: Voltage Controlled Low Pass (Ladder Filter)
Filter Contour Width: 0 to 4 Octaves
Pitch Bend Range: (+/-) 7 semitones (minimum)
Loudness Input (¼”TRS): 0 to +5 volts; +5 volts = Unity Gain (Works with Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal)
Filter Cutoff Input (¼”TRS): 1 volt per octave of change (Works with Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal)
Oscillator Pitch Input (¼”TRS): 1 volt per octave of change (Works with Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal)
Modulation Source Input (¼”TRS): Ring=Noise Send; Tip=Modulation Receive (This jack makes a normalled connection with no cable present.)
Trigger Input (¼:TS): +5 volt V-Trigger Activates both Contour Generators
MIDI Input (5-PIN DIN): Note On & Note #
MIDI Output (5-PIN DIN): Note On, Note #; Velocity; Aftertouch, Modwheel, Pitch-bend
MIDI Thru (5-PIN DIN): Mirror of the MIDI In signal
External Power Supply: Self-switching; 100–240 volts; 50/60 Hz; <12-Watt nominal consumption. (Locking XLR-4 connector.)
Dimensions (with panel lowered): Width: 28.625” / 727 mm, Depth: 17.125” / 435 mm, Height: 5.75” / 146 mm.
Weight: 32 lbs. / 14.5 kg.


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