Strymon Lex V2 Rotating Speaker Effect Pedal

Vintage-inspired, compact rotary speaker effect with JFET analog input circuit, mono/stereo toggle, MIDI capabilities and improved user interface. | Item ID: Z12ALEX21

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Type: Strymon Lex V2 Rotary
Power Supply: 9V DC Center Negative
True Bypass/Buffer: True Bypass
Ins - Outs: High impedance ultra low-noise discrete Class A JFET TRS stereo input, Low impedance independent TS stereo outputs. Expression pedal input, USB jack, Dedicated Slow/Fast rotary speed & On/Off footswitches
Stereo/Mono: Stereo/ Mono Toggle
Analog/Digital: Analong Input, Digital Interface
Accessories Included: 9V DC (Included)

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