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WFL Vintage 1940 1300 Kit - Marble Painted Wrap - Used

Item ID: ISS5298C


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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This WFL Vintage 1940 1300 Kit is in excellent condition. Original “Marble” painted wrap finish. Super unique and beautiful. Incredible shape for this period kit. Huge sounding kick drum. Stamped 1940. Tons of mojo. Snare sounds amazing. Perfect for recording studio or live. Throw off works perfectly. They should have never stopped making them this way.

This absolute relic of a kit is from a time where no two kits were the same and every single drum set owner was an innovator with their highly customized kit. Drummers in the 1930s were still taking concert percussion instruments and seeing how they could be fashioned together to make more permanent rigs. Bass drums, snares, and toms were all bought separately – traps came in kits, but often were just bought as needed. Identifying the items in this particular kit consisted of pouring over scans of original WFL Catalogs. All drums have their original heads; all original hardware, and the snare drum has its original WFL snare wires. Sounds amazing.


7 “ x 14” All American Swing Model 3-ply Laminated Mahogany Snare with original snares

14” x 26” Zephyr Singe Tension 3-ply Mahogany Bass Drum

9” x 13” Single Tension Zephyr Tom Tom (tacked-on bottom head missing)

7” x 11” Single Tension Zephyr Tom Tom (tacked-on bottom head missing)


Included accessories:

Two “Universal Holders” – Tom Tom mounts

“Regulation” Snare Drum Stand

11” ‘Imported Kassan Cymbal’ (china cymbal)

12” Kassan Crash Cymbal

Dixieland Rail Console with Cymbal arm

Adjustable Extension Cymbal Holder

Deagan “Tone Block” (wood block)

Dixieland Combination Holder for Tone Block and Cow Bell

Pedal Cymbal Holder

Twin Spring Speed King Bass Drum Pedal with original beater and cymbal striker

“Utility” Bass Drum Muffler

Fanning-out Traps and Stick Holder

Set of original Telescopic Wire Brushes


WFL “Spanish Castanets”

WFL Triangle