Benson Amps Germanium Boost Review

A lone dial – zero to ten. Need we say more?

The Portland, Oregon-based Benson Amps have made a name for themselves in crafting some of the most unique amplified sounds available today. From amplifiers to pedals, Benson Amps knows their stuff. Player-friendly, meticulously crafted, and tonally outstanding, each Benson Amps creation is a gem. Today, Benson Amps introduces the Germanium Boost. Bypassing frills, distractions, and focusing on the pure art producing a clean boost pedal, the crew at Benson Amps have drafted a winner.

Amplified Excellence

Pure and plain, Benson Amps is all business when it comes to this single-dial, single-footswitch wonder. The Germanium Boost was born as an offshoot from an experimental germanium fuzz circuit. While working with a single germanium transistor, Benson Amps stumbled upon the perfect formula for a germanium clean boost, separate from said fuzz circuit. The product of that transistor experiment is the Germanium Boost we have in front of us today.

Absolutely pure in its essence, the Germanium Boost is simple and ready for action. The footswitch is satisfyingly clickable and the boost knob goes from zero to ten. Don’t be thrown by the short length of this grand tour, this is all the Germanium Boost needs you to know right off that bat. Once plugged in and clicked on, the Germanium Boost’s amplifying voice comes out loud, clear, and becomes quite homey and familiar before long. At this point, amp aficionados should warm up their best tubes if they haven’t already. This boost is for you.

Simple and Clean

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start. At zero, the Germanium Boost silences your signal. This has its natural uses if you’re looking to reel in your rig or amp at any time. Going up on the dial, that natural excitement of ramping up on a new boost pedal comes alive. Where the Germanium Boost lands you by the time you reach five on the dial is a solidly full signal with great presence. From zero to five, you’ll find yourself sitting pretty with a very organic and natural bump in presence and volume. The Germanium Boost does wonders for a straight clean rig with smooth tonal interaction. This boost melds nicely with your unique tone for a sound that is still definitively yours.

Past five on the dial, the Germanium Boost shows some real tonal finesse. Benson Amps designed the Germanium Boost for greater headroom, meaning your signal will have plenty of space to increase in volume before breaking up your amp. This reliable boost in volume makes for an excellent companion to a clean or slightly pushed amp to bring out its unique character. In short, this pedal makes you sound your best without interference. Responsive, smooth, and accurate, the Germanium Boost makes your key characteristics shine.

Benson Amps Germanium Boost Final Thoughts

The Germanium Boost joins the Benson Amps ranks as a boost for any and all players. Its signal-filling and volume-enhancing effect makes it a great match for any style of amplifier from crystal clear to down and dirty. Part of the beauty of the Germanium Boost is in its simplicity. Much like other Benson creations, the Germanium Boost cuts to the chase for a refined amplified sound. Your full strummed chords and articulate picked notes will be the proof of this pedal’s power.

Pushing the amplified envelope from new angles every day, Benson Amps invites you on a victory lap with the Germanium Boost.