JHS 3 Series Screamer Review

Stop dreamin’ and start screamin’

When a lineup of seven new pedals dropped from JHS – the 3 Series – players were treated to an extensive selection of effects. These effects went by no special name other than what was printed on the tin – Distortion, Chorus, Delay, to name a few – and stuck their landing.

JHS founder Josh Scott’s affinity for basic, bargain bin effect pedals brought the 3 Series to life as a collection of reliable effects that could be used by anyone. A second batch of effects joined the 3 Series about a year later, and today, a particularly special circuit makes its debut.

The word “Screamer” may conjure some images of a certain timeless, green high-gain machine. If you’re on the hunt for such a pedal, you’re in luck. The JHS 3 Series Screamer is a faithful tribute to the iconic drive with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Josh Scott is no stranger to the original screaming circuit as he performed a countless number of personalized modifications to it over the years. The “Strong Mod”, a JHS fan favorite circuit modification, makes its solo debut with the 3 Series Screamer. Playing off the original Tube Screamer design, the 3 Series Screamer has the iconic overdrive tone on tap with its own unique characteristics.

The 3 Series Screamer is fashioned to work with reliable signal boost. With more clean headroom than your traditional ‘Screamer circuit, the 3 Series Screamer will not enter overdriven breakup as early when pushed. The pedal features more versatile picking response with greater tonal flexibility. Drop this pedal on your board for faithful tube overdrive tones, an extra kick in the signal, or more expressive picking response. Any way you can imagine the classic circuit, the 3 Series Screamer has you covered.

JHS 3 Series Screamer Final Thoughts

Bringing the JHS “Strong Mod” to life in a simple, singular package is truly a treat for JHS fans. For newcomers to JHS or Tube Screamers in general, the 3 Series Screamer has quite a bit to offer. Explore classic tones or fashion your own. Both literally and figuratively, the Screamer’s blank canvas is yours.

Where we would be without the iconic Screamer sound is a speculative discussion for another day, but for now, the 3 Series Screamer is a testament to the original green circuit’s influence.

Who was it who said it’s not easy being green?