Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Review

“Every time a new Keeley pedal drops, an angel gets its wings” - It’s a Wonderful Life

Andy Timmons has quite the resume. As guitarist of the band Danger Danger, a prolific collaborator and session player, and total guitar guru, Timmons has an impressive calling card.

Swinging with the best of 'em, the Satrianis, Gilberts, and Frehleys of the world have crossed paths with Timmons. Bumping elbows with such huge names, Timmons has a quiet reputation with plenty of star power behind it. It's only natural that his music get its own loving tribute in the form of a pedal from the masterminds at Keeley.

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Double Down Delay

The Keeley Halo is the pedal at hand – a "dual echo" delay, this compact and cutting-edge device puts some real Timmons personality into a stompbox for fans of the guitarist and delay across the board.

The blueprint for the delay pedal has been drafted quite a few times before, but never like this. Timmons' Halo Dual Echo presents players with an awesome concept executed in classic, sleek Keeley fashion – two delays, one pedal. The dual-footswitched creation that is the Halo lays things out plainly for speedy sonic exploration. What you've got at square one is two independent delays, what you've got going beyond is completely up to you.

Dialing Up

Ease of use and tonal expression are two important pillars of the Halo experience. Intuitive to use and play, the Halo creates a very short path to musical inspiration. It won't be hard to find your bearings and set out on your own way.

With each side of the Halo functioning independently, Keeley has effectively doubled up on an incredibly impressive delay unit. The interface of the Halo lays out the experience easily. Click on either the A or B footswitch to swap to that side's independent Halo configuration. This smooth swapping function opens up the frontier for delay fans of the world to configure two delay effect tones and take them for awesome and expressive trips.


The delay tones within the Halo form a vast canvas with which to create. Studio-style delay effects with tonal accuracy and authenticity give this Keeley creation its edge. Alongside controls for delay effects like your Time, Level, and Feedback, a distinct modulation effect exists at the heart of the Halo. The modulation introduces unique movement that is finely tuned and adjustable. Rate and Depth knobs key into this integrated modulation for extra effect flavor.

Two independently controllable modulated delays in one pedal is all well and good, but that descriptor barely scratches the surface for the Halo. The experience only deepens from there.

A secondary set of control parameters influences the voice of the Halo in similar fashion to the first. Easily accessible via the Feedback dial, controls for high pass filtering, delay rhythm control, and signal saturation add onto the tonal palette the Halo has to offer. Using your high pass filter and saturation controls, the Halo can introduce distinct compressed voices bordering on warmly distorted.

Five delay rhythms run the gamut from straightforward digital, stereo rackmount analog, and multi-head tape echo recreations. All with that certain Timmons modulation and saturation present, the Halo produces a wealth of delay voices. Mix the Halo to create clear, dancing delay trails or ambient, padded delay swells. Plenty of spots exist in between the extremes to flesh out and bring to life.

On top of the lush tonality the Halo offers, advanced Keeley technology works its way onboard for a modern playing and programming experience. Keeley's deep pool of technological features gives players power to play the Halo however best suits them. Such features include expression pedal control, trails and true bypass switching modes, preset saving functions, infinite holds, and wet/dry modes. Stereo ins and outputs send the Halo off on its merry way to your board.

Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Final Thoughts

Keeley's Halo lends itself to the Timmons style of delay splendidly. As a guitarist who specializes in creating freeform and free-flowing compositions using a variety of delay effects, fans of this form of playing are sure to go hand in hand with the Halo.

Condense your board from multiple separate delay effect pedals to the Halo to rearrange your rig in a concise way – compound functionalities to minimize on space while maximizing on tone. The Halo is a dream for compact boards that aren't shy about big sounds.

For fans of Timmons or delay across the board, the Halo doubles down and packs more than a board's worth of sounds and functions into a compact case.

A studio-grade pedal ready for lift off. Welcome to cloud nine.

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