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The Ingenuity of Bob Taylor

You can always tell when a company is run by a pioneer, because when someone with vision and the urge to improve is in charge, you end up with a product that stands out among the group. That person is Bob Taylor, and this is the case with Taylor Guitars. From the NT bolt-on neck technology that allows for such precision adjustments, to the custom Expression systems that give them the Acoustic-Electric edge, the relatively short history of Taylor Guitars has been one of strong direction and a limitless pursuit for perfection.

Based out of El Cajon, California since 1974, Taylor has been at the forefront of innovative manufacturing, expert craftsmanship and design (i.e. the iconic V-Class Bracing), leading the music instruments industry to the modern era of today, while making sure its legacy is preserved. 

Taylor Guitar Shop Conscious Business Model

At the end of the day, guitar makers are businesses too, and how they run outside of creating your beloved instrument should matter, and this is where Taylor truly shines. Taylor Guitars is known for its second to none service and support department. If you have a question or a need, they are there to help. Additionally, Taylor has taken a proactive stand when it comes to the sustainability of the wood they source, and has a strong ethical position on protecting and replenishing endangered species of trees across the supply chain.

Have your pick from popular Taylor Guitar Series, including Taylor Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars & Acoustic Guitars, or shop from the renowned Baby Taylor series that has been part of the success of popular artists such as Taylor Swift. Need more options? You can't go wrong picking out your iconic Taylor guitar from the Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert or Taylor Dreadnought guitar models. Shop today at Russo Music!


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