Fender Suona Collection Limited Edition Guitars and Basses

Fender Limited Edition Suona Guitars and Basses

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Discover the new Limited Edition Suona Collection from Fender, an exceptional series that encompasses the passion, history, and future of Fender guitars. Celebrating decades of innovation and craftsmanship, these limited-edition models breathe new life into Fender's storied heritage.

The Limited Edition Suona Collection features three unique instruments: the Suona Telecaster Thinline, the Suona Jazz Bass Thinline, and the Suona Stratocaster Thinline. Each model in the Suona Collection showcases the harmonious fusion of Fender's traditional design principles with modern innovations. Born from Fender's legacy, these instruments are imbued with a spirit of creativity that's designed to inspire the contemporary musician.

Unique to these Suonas is the signature use of Italian Alpine spruce on top with a chambered spruce center block, and ash back and sides. These tonewoods, combined with Fender's expert craftsmanship, create a striking balance of resonance and warmth, promising a captivating sonic experience. The guitars are fitted with a variety of custom pickups, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities, all encased in a visually stunning Violin Burst finish with matching headcap.

These limited edition instruments are not only built to perform but also to preserve the time-honored legacy of Fender. They're a testament to Fender's commitment to continuously push the boundaries of what a guitar can be, just as Leo Fender himself envisioned more than six decades ago.

In the Suona Collection, Fender has once again demonstrated its ability to blend the old with the new, paying homage to its roots while forging ahead into the future of guitar design. As with all limited-edition collections, availability is scarce - so act fast to secure your piece of Fender history. The Fender Limited Edition Suona Collection - the epitome of Fender's unique blend of tradition, innovation, and performance.

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