Fender Limited Edition Tom Delonge Stratocaster Collection

Fender Limited Edition Tom Delonge Stratocaster Collection

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Embrace the spirit of The Rock Show with our unique collection of Limited-Edition Fender Tom DeLonge Stratocaster Electric Guitars and Accessories. These exclusive products pay tribute to the distinctive playing style of Blink-182's co-founder and renowned guitarist, Tom DeLonge. Sharing the same California roots, both Blink-182 and Fender have left a lasting impression on the global music stage, with this collection standing as a testament to their joint impact.  

Immerse yourself in the distinctive color options that range from the sleek Black to the vibrant Daphne Blue, Graffiti Yellow, and Surf Green. This variation pays homage not only to DeLonge's dynamic persona but also to Fender's rich history of offering eye-catching finishes to stand out on stage.  

These Strats boast a satin-finished neck, a deviation from the original series' gloss finish, enhancing the tactile experience of playing. This is a nod to Fender's continued improvements, aiming to provide guitarists with the most comfortable playing experience possible. 

But the collection doesn't stop at Stratocasters. Extend your exploration to the Tom DeLonge "To The Stars" series of accessories. Discover instrument cables available in 10 and 18.6-foot lengths, dressed in Graffiti Yellow, and a 6-pack of celluloid picks, each with a different Delonge-fueled design. Also featured are the stylish "To The Stars" straps, available in colors matching the Stratocasters will have you Feeling This collection. 

Every piece in the Tom DeLonge collection is meticulously crafted for aesthetic allure and superior quality. The Tom Delonge Stratocaster and Accessories Collection, with their bold palette of colors and unique design, make a powerful statement about individuality and artistic expression. 

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