Fender Vintera II Series Guitars and Basses

Fender Vintera II Series Guitars and Basses

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Dive into the nostalgic sounds of years past with Fender's Vintera II Series - your gateway to iconic Fender style from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Embodying Fender's promise of "Vintage style for the modern era", the Vintera II Series reintroduces the world to the timeless beauty and unparalleled performance of vintage guitars and basses, meticulously crafted for today's music aficionados.

Walk down memory lane with the classic elegance of the '50s Stratocasters, embodying the birth of rock-n-roll with their contoured edges and groundbreaking tremolo systems. The '60s introduces you to the unparalleled versatility of the Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars, paving the way for surf rock and other revolutionary genres. The collection wouldn't be complete without the Telecaster Deluxe and Thinline guitars from the '70s, renowned for their wide-range humbucking pickups and semi-hollow bodies, respectively.

For the bassists, the Precision Basses resonate with the foundational rhythms of the '50s, while the '60s and '70s are beautifully represented by the Jazz Basses and Bass VIs, each capturing the evolving dynamics of rhythm sections throughout the decades.

One can't miss the super unique Competition Burgundy '70s Mustang guitar, a true masterpiece in a mesmerizing blue shade. This distinct guitar stands as a testament to Fender's commitment to authenticity and innovation.

From Mustang to Telecaster, Jaguar to Jazzmaster, every piece in the Vintera II Series collection is more than just an instrument: it's a piece of history, reborn. Experience the golden era of music with guitars and basses that combine vintage charm with contemporary craftsmanship, only from Fender.

Unlock the magic of eras gone by and make them your own with Fender's Vintera II Series guitars and basses. Whether you're strumming the first chord or hitting that final note, make it resonate with vintage vibes and modern reliability.

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