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Paris-based OTO Machines is dedicated to crafting effects boxes that give a nod to the early days of digital sound manipulation. Each OTO creation combines their unique technology with thoughtful design and artistic vision, delivering a blend of vintage electronic charm and modern innovation.

Their most recent release of the Bébé Chérie, a wildly versatile 6-channel stereo analog mixer, has put them on our radar even more than ever. Boasting four channels with variable gain capabilities reaching up to +34 dB, as well as an asymmetrical diode clipper and a Tilt pot for precise EQ adjustments, the Bébé Chérie offers unparalleled control over your sound. With features like a one-knob compressor on the master bus and a hi-frequency enhancer circuit aptly named "Bliss," this mixer breathes life into mixes with ease, all housed within a robust metal enclosure for professional-grade reliability.

This new release adds to their existing arsenal of incredible toys. Among them are the BOUM Analog Stereo Warming Unit, a powerful yet elegant device featuring a trio of advanced effects - compressor, distortion generator, and low-pass filter - injecting warmth and character into audio signals with subtlety or depth. There's also the BIM 12-Bit Delay Unit, which combines analog and digital components, offering four delay types, MIDI connectivity, and tap tempo functionality for a versatile experience. Additionally, there's the BAM Space Generator, which harks back to the golden age of digital reverberation with 16-bit converters, 20-bit processing, and seven reverb algorithms, blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary features like MIDI connectivity, 36 user presets, and tap tempo control, appealing to discerning musicians and audio enthusiasts alike.

OTO Machines has carved a unique niche for themselves, and we're always eagerly awaiting what's next for them. 

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