OTO Machines Bébé Chérie 6-Channel Stereo Analog Mixer

One-of-a-kind full analog 6-channel mixer with 4 variable gain channels, 2 Baxandall 2-band EQ channels, 3:1 ratio master bus compressor, and a vast assortment of IO options for integration with studio and live equipment. | Item ID: BEBECHERIE

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  • Versatile 6-Channel Stereo Analog Mixer
  • +34 dB Variable Gain on Four Channels
  • Asymmetrical Diode Clipper on Each Channel
  • Tilt Pot with One-Knob EQ
  • Two Distortion-Free Channels with Baxandall EQ
  • Selectable Input Gain on Baxandall Channels (0/+10 dB)
  • One-Knob Compressor on Master Bus (3:1 Ratio)
  • Hi-Frequency Enhancer Circuit with "Bliss" Pot
  • Phones Output with Low Noise TI Amplifier
  • Alternate Output Routes Muted Channel to Alt. Out
  • Specifications

    Type: Full Analog MIxer
    Channels : 4 Channels
    Variable Gain : Up to +34 dB
    Clipping : Asymmetrical Soft Clipping
    Equalizer (Tilt EQ) : Included
    Baxandall Equalizer (2 Bands) : 2 Channels
    Selectable Input Gain (Baxandall Channels) : 0/+10 dB
    Compressor : 3:1 Ratio, One-Knob on Master Bus
    Hi-Frequency Enhancer (Bliss) : On Master Bus
    Phones Output : Unity Gain Hi Fidelity, Can be Used as Second Master Output
    Alternate Output : Routes Muted Channel to Alt. Out
    Internal Power Supply : 24 Volts
    Connectivity : Rugged Switchcraft 3.5 mm Stereo Mini-Jack Connectors
    Components : Audiophile Film Capacitors, Low Noise and Low Distortion Op Amps, THAT Corporation VCAs, ALPS Pots
    Dimensions : 290 x 145 x 62 mm
    Weight : 2.949 lbs
    Power Supply Included : Yes

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