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Fender Excelsior 13W 1x15 Combo - Used

Item ID: ISS6809C


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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The Fender Excelsior is an interpretation of a "What would have been" tube amplifier from the golden age of AM radio. Part of their 2010s "Pawn Shop" series of amps, the Excelsior features a distinct cosmetic package tailored after an amp that may have been in a guitar or thrift store "back in the day" as the kids say. It features a single channel with controls for volume and a two-way "Bright/Dark" tone switch. A single knob tremolo with sinewave pulse is on board, with control only for speed. The tremolo is engaged by the speed knob as would a click-pot on/off on a radio. The Excelsior has vintage clean tone with plenty of volume for the gig - and it breaks up quite pleasantly, too! Famously this amp has been seen as a mainstay in the rig of Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers' and Fleetwood Mac.

This amp is in excellent condition with little to no signs of use beyond general. There is a small tear in the tolex in the front on the top right corner.