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Fender VG Strat - Black - MN - With Original Gig Bag - Used

Item ID: ISS5750


Product Details

This Fender VG Strat is in excellent condition with no finish chips or abrasions, just some light wear from general use.

In collaboration with Roland, the Fender G-5 VG Stratocaster was designed to incorporate intelligent functionality into a classic design. This guitar can essentially substitute for a rack of different guitars - and different tunings.

The guitar itself is an alder body Stratocaster with a gloss finished 21-fret maple neck and fingerboard, six-point tremolo and true single coil pickups wired to a master volume and tone control set. Behind the bridge pickup is a Roland divided pickup, which senses each string's individual output and sums their output to a single source. This pickup interfaces with Roland's COSM modeling technology to simulate different styles of guitar and alternate tunings. With the turn of a dial, the G-5 VG Strat can emulate different styles of guitar and alternate tunings without physically changing the pitch of the instrument. The system is powered by two AA batteries.

In order to activite an alternate tuning, a mode must be selected on the divided pickup. The user has the choice of Drop D, open G, DADGAD, Baritone, and 12 string emulation. A particularly cool feature of the VG system is the Acoustic mode - which simulates dreadnought style acoustic guitar as well as resonator, banjo, and sitar sounds.

In and of itself, this guitar sounds great and is very comfortable to play, with a traditional C-shape neck fit for many different players. Its layout isn't in any way far off from a familiar shape. All in all, the G-5 VG Stratocaster is an easy fit for a working musician who needs to cover a variety of bases of music.


Body Material: Alder
Neck Material: Maple
Fingerboard Material: Maple
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
Bridge Pick-up: Fender Single Coil
Middle Pick-up: Fender Single Coil
Neck Pick-up: Fender Single Coil
Finish: Black
Case: Original Gig Bag
Weight: 8 lbs, 4 oz
Year: 2011