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Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace Fuzz And Delay


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For the newest offering of gnar from our fellow New Jersey tone dragons at Fuzzrocious, check out the Blast Furnace. This "original" fuzz circuit is not for the faint of heart, or your classic rock cover band. Play it big and open, with a toggle to shovel off some mids and it's like nothing you've fuzzed around with before. That's just the beginning. It's got a built in delay that you can use with the fuzz, or on it's own. Not enough? There's a trimpot inside for tone manipulation to boot. Hand built and hand painted in Mt. Laurel, NJ by the first family of fuzz.

From the mouths of Fuzzrocious....

We brought our minds together to create an original gated fuzz touting a big, open sound free of tone tampering. But wait…what if you want your tone tampered with? It’s cool, we have a toggle that switches over to a heavy, semi-mid scooped sound that excels with chords and chugs. There is an internal trimpot that allows you to change the stock tone setting, if you’re feeling tweaky.

Just having an original fuzz wasn’t enough. We expanded the sound possibilities by adding a short-timed delay (via the left momentary footswitch). When activated, and depending on where the repeats pot is set, the user can add anything from one (1) repeat to swirling, destructive oscillation. By removing one’s foot from the left footswitch, the delay goes away. You can accentuate your sound by adding some girth to the fuzz. There is also a trimpot to adjust the delay time if you don’t like where we set it. It’s cool, you can totally change it.