MXR Iso-Brick Pro Pedal Power Supply

Compact, lightweight MXR pedal power supply featuring ten independent power outputs for various pedal types. | Item ID: M242

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  • Clean, Steady Voltages for Diverse Pedal Types
  • Sleek Form Factor Fits Under Most Pedalboards
  • Powers Low to High-Current Pedals
  • Ten Fully Isolated Outputs for Signal Purity
  • 18V DC Link Output
  • IEC Power Input
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Includes Mounting Brackets and Screws for Easy Setup
  • Specifications

    Outputs: Four fixed outputs 9V DC @ 300mA
    -: Two fixed outputs 9V DC @ 500mA
    -: Two switchable 9/12/18V DC @ 500mA outputs
    -: One dedicated 9V DC @ 1.5A output for high-demand multi-FX units
    -: One dedicated 18V DC @ 2.0A output for power supply linking or powering a 18V pedal
    Power: IEC Input

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