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Old Blood Noise Haunt Fuzz With Clickless Switching Pedal

Gated fuzz pedal with tight controls and unique tone voices |

Item ID: SQ6679406
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The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz is a gated fuzz pedal specializing in tight fuzz tones that vary in form. The Haunt utilizes a wide range of controls to craft unique fuzz tones that range from tight and compressed buzzes to full, unwieldy barks. Utilizing five control knobs, the Haunt accurately adjusts the various characteristics of fuzz tone. With controls to adjust volume and fuzz, the overall presence of the fuzz can be modified. The Haunt offers more nuanced approaches to fuzz through gate, mix, and tone controls. Experiments with the Haunt can be pushed further with Low and Range toggle switches to affect low-end frequencies and widen fuzz space, respectively. Built with a 9 Volt DC power input and a “clickless” switching footswitch unique to Old Blood Noise Endeavors, the Haunt is ready for practice and performance. The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz is a pedal packed with precise controls and a range of fine-tuned fuzz tones to unlock.

Controls & Highlights

  • Hosts gated fuzz tones with precise controls
  • A variety of control knobs adjusts fuzz characteristics with accuracy
  • Additional toggle switches engage low end tones and fuzz range
  • True Bypass switching
  • Powered by 9 Volt DC power


Type: Fuzz
Power Supply: 9 Volt DC
True Bypass/Buffer: True Bypass
Ins - Outs: 1 in / 1 out
Expression Out: None
Analog/Digital: Analog
Battery Connection: None