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Old Blood Noise MAW Pedal

Microphone XLR Effect Pedal with 2 Effect Banks and a Saturation Section |

Item ID: SQ9724915
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The Old Blood Noise Maw is an effect pedal for microphones with a host of effects and useful capabilities to process vocals or anything else mic’d up. The Maw has three main sections, Saturation, Effects Bank 1 and Effects Bank 2, each with a footswitch. Each Effects channel has its own Expression input which works great with the OBNE Expression slider. It can also be used in tandem with other effects through its own send and return.

The first section, called ‘Saturation’ adds a gain stage to the signal with master volume, tone, boost and gain controls. Each of the other two sections are effect banks, which can be switched on independently and have 5 effects to choose from each. The first bank has 2 reverbs, a short delay, an octave, and a phaser. The second bank has 2 more reverbs, a long delay, a flange, and rotary. Each effect has two controls with individual functions.

The OBNE Maw is a handy pedal that can be used on anything from drums to vocals. Simply plug in an XLR (or 1/4") and immerse the signal in conveniently designed effects that not only allow for the strange but are practical and sound expanding. Consider it an all-in-one pedal for enhancing any source, both in live and studio settings.

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