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TC Electronic Ditto Looper - Used

Item ID: ISS4244


Product Details

This Ditto Looper is in Excellent condition, and includes the original box.

TC Electronic's Ditto Looper is a wildly popular pedal for guitar players to incorporate up to five minutes of phrase looping into their rig. This simple and pedalboard friendly design works off a single stomp switch and a single level knob.

Navigation is easy: Press once to start recording, once again to play the phrase continuously, and once again to record over the phrase. The bypass/record switch is extremely responsive, so catching the end of the phrase on time isn't a challenge. If you make a mistake, hold the bypass switch to undo the last loop, and press twice to stop.

For an easy-to-use foray or expansion in looping with electric or acoustic guitar, check the TC Ditto series out.