Fender Unveils Innovative New Highway Series Acoustic Guitars

Fender has had a big year so far in 2023, including the recent news of the Tone Master Pro and the Vintera II line in just the past few weeks alone. It comes as no surprise that they show no signs of slowing down for the remainder of the year, and the latest addition to their lineup, the Highway Series Acoustics, is yet another notable triumph for Fender enthusiasts.

Hello, Highway

Available in the form of a Dreadnought or Parlor-style body, the Highway Series' innovation lies in its approach to combining a slender, sleek design and a technologically groundbreaking Fishman Fluence Acoustic Pickup system. This combination provides a playing experience that feels familiar but adventurous, unmatched lap comfort, and plugged or unplugged acoustic results that rival those of significantly larger guitars. Carefully designed around a revolutionary bracing structure, the Highway Series guitars redefine the expectations of a player's acoustic experience.

Behind The Build

These acoustic guitars are carefully crafted with a choice of either a solid Sitka spruce or genuine mahogany top, inlaid into a fully chambered mahogany body. The feat of engineering lies in the inventive internal architecture that features a tapered floating X-bracing pattern and a brand-new thinline design. This unique combination produces unexpected resonance and tremendously helps a player's ability to be dynamic on an acoustic guitar.

Absolutely central to the series is the Fishman Fluence Acoustic Pickup system. Designed with paramount emphasis on fidelity, this system combines a curved magnetic Fluence Core pickup, utilizing innovative all-analog technology. The result is a pure and genuinely real-sounding amplified tone that's characterized by astonishing clarity and, even better, feedback resistance. The relationship between the guitar's construction and the advanced pickup system ensures that players can confidently amplify themselves without compromising the authentic acoustic essence.

The Fender Highway Series is a complete and modern reimagining of the acoustic experience, especially in the realm of amplification. Like many of Fender's innovations, it blurs the lines between tradition and modernity, delivering a harmonious blend of classic craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.