Alexander Colour Theory Spectrum Sequencer


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  • RateControls the speed of the sequencer. Rate may also be set by tapping the left footswitch.
  • StepsControls the number of steps in the sequence, from 2 to 8.
  • MixControls the master mix between the effected sound and the direct signal. Please note that the Amount parameter also affects the mix between these two signals - the master Mix value will override the Amount parameter.
  • (Level)Hold the Select button down and turn the Mix knob to set the overall output level of the pedal from -20dB to +10dB.
  • LagControls the “smoothness” or filtering of the step sequence counter. At low settings the sequenced effects will jump from one value to the next. At high settings, the sequenced effects will “slide” from one setting to another. Very high Lag and Rate settings will cause “smearing,” with the effect being unable to fully reach its destination - perfect for making the OSC mode into a police siren!
  • Ext.CtlAdjusts the value sent by the Colour Theory to your other devices using MIDI. This parameter is sequenced.
  • ValueThe main effect parameter of each mode. Pitch shift, delay time, filter frequency, tremolo rate, oscillator pitch, or PWM octave.
  • AmountSets the blend between the direct and effected signal for the current step. Please note that the master Mix control also changes this blend. If the Amount is set to 100% but the master mix is set to 50%, the overall blend will be 50%. If Amount is set to 50% and master mix is set to 50%, the overall blend will instead be 25%.
  • TweakThe secondary parameter of each effect mode. Tone, delay feedback, filter resonance, tremolo wave, oscillator wave, or PWM modulation

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