EarthQuaker Devices The Wave Transformer Eurorack Transfiguration Oscillator Module

Innovative Eurorack module featuring over 8 octaves of pitch, 7 unique wave outputs, harmonic gate/VCA functionality with source muting, and diverse output options. | Item ID: EQDWAVEEUROV1USA

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  • Over 8 Octaves of Pitch Precision
  • 7 Unique Wave Outputs, Including Complex
  • Versatile Transform Control for Sonic Exploration
  • Hard and Soft Sync, Linear and Exponential FM
  • Harmonic Gate/VCA Functionality with Source Muting
  • Precision Tuning with Fine and Ultra-Fine Controls
  • Extensive Input Options for Modulation Possibilities
  • Diverse Outputs, from Sine to a Cat's Silhouette


Type: Analog Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
Pitch Range : Over 8 octaves
Transform Control : Morphs from basic waveform to complex, harmonically rich output
Outputs: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Complex, Rectangle, Sub Pulse, Sub Square
Dimensions : 20HP (Horizontal Pitch) / Max Depth: 1 inch/25.4 mm
Power Requirements : 90 mA max from +12v rail, 90 mA max from -12v rail
Power Connector : Standard 10-pin Eurorack with negative pin notation
Skiff Compatibility : Yes (protrudes less than 1 inch behind panel with power header installed)
Warranty: Lifetime

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