Hudson Electronics Broadcast-AP II Ariel Posen Dual Discrete Class-A Pre-Amp Pedal

Pedalboard-friendly preamplifier with two independent discrete circuits: silicon transistor w/transformer, and Germanium transistor. | Item ID: BROADCASTAPII

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  • Two Independent Discrete Circuits for Unique Coloration
  • Silicon Transistor, Transformer-Coupled Design
  • Germanium Transistor Circuit offers Bright, Aggressive Tones
  • Send/Return Loop Enables Pedal Integration
  • Reversible Order of Pre-Amps for Extra Flexibility
  • Extensive Gain Range in Both Pre-Amps
  • Specifications

    Model: Hudson Electronics AP II Preamp Pedal
    Preamp Circuits: Two Independent Discrete Circuits
    First Preamp: Silicon Transistor, Transformer-Coupled Design
    Second Preamp: Germanium Transistor, No Transformer
    Loop: Send/Return Loop for Pedal Integration

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