Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter Automatic Triple Tracker Distortion Effect Pedal

Triple drive circuits with summed or individual outputs, delay controls on two voices, and expression pedal optional deviate control for natural doubling/tripling effects | Item ID: SQ5167144

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  • Hard Clipping Distortion, Soft Clipping Overdrive, and Transistor Drive
  • Soft Clipping and Transistor Drive Each Feature Delay Controls
  • Delay Times Range from 0-125ms
  • Decay Controls Alter Filtering or Trailing Delays Depending on Delay Time
  • Deviate Control Randomly Varies Delay Time
  • Individual Signal Path Outputs or Summed Mono Out
  • Standard 9V DC Power and Soft Touch Relay Bypass Switching


Type: Multi-Effect
Power Supply: -9V
True Bypass/Buffer: Soft Touch Relay Bypass
Ins - Outs: Mono In, Parallel Mono or Individual Mono Out
Stereo/Mono: Both
Expression Out: Yes
Analog/Digital: Analog

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