Shure Beta 91A Condenser Kick-Drum Microphone

Half-cardioid condenser mic with integrated preamp, XLR connection, and frequency contour switch with 7db of attenuation. Zip-up pouch included. | Item ID: BETA91A

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  • Precise half-cardioid polar pattern fallows high gain-before-feedback
  • Excellent rejection of off-axis sound for minimal bleed
  • Excellent low frequency response great for kick-drums of other low-end-heavy sources
  • Integrated preamplifier and XLR connectivity
  • Two-position frequency contour switch allows for maximization of clarity and punch
  • Zipper pouch included


Frequency Contour Switch: 7 dB of attenuation centered at 400 Hz
Polar Pattern: Half Cardioid
Type: Electret Condenser
Frequency Response: 20hz-20Khz
Output Impedence: 150 Ω
Sensitivity: at 1kHz, open circuit voltage, -48.5 dBV/a(3.8 mV)
Max Sound Pressure Level: 1 kHz at 1% THD

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