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Snark All Instrument Clip-On Tuner

Item ID: SN2

No Longer Available

Product Details

Need to tune more than just guitar or bass? The Snark SN-2 chromatic tuner is the perfect affordable tuner for you! Sure you can clip it to your guitar, but it's also great for mandolin, banjo, viola, ukulele, flugel horn - you name it! The Snark SN-2 sports a built-in microphone, so it doesn't require direct contact with your instrument. You can clip it to your microphone stand or music rest, and it will work just fine. Even if it's a few feet away, the SN-2's bright and clearly visible backlit display is easy to read. The SN-2 is also one of the most versatile compact tuners you'll find at Sweetwater. Flat tuning, transpose functions, and easy pitch calibration give you even greater tuning options than most typical chromatic tuners. And as if that wasn't enough, the Snark SN-2 also doubles as a tap-tempo metronome.