Supro Americana Series Dual-Tone Guitar - Ermine White

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The Dual-Tone is a reproduction of Supro’s two-pickup, Ermine White, fiberglass electric guitar that was manufactured in Chicago during the early 1960s. This historic reissue guitar mates a chambered body with a newly-developed, composite “Acousti-glass” top. This updated construction preserves the instrument’s Art Deco aesthetics and timeless, semi-hollow sound while improving its acoustic resonance and tuning stability.

The Dual-Tone’s vintage-correct tuners, Art Deco stairstep tailpiece and adjustable rosewood bridge are joined by a faithful replica of the legendary Vistatone pickup to bring you a fully realized and worthy reissue of this classic Supro guitar.


Body Material(Top): Composite “Acousti-glass”
Body Material(Back): Semi-Hollow Mahogany
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Bridge Pick-up: Vistatone PAF
Middle Pick-up: -
Neck Pick-up: Vistatone PAF
Scale Length: 24.75"
Bridge: Art Deco stairstep tailpiece with Rosewood Bridge
Finish Ermine White
Case: None
50’s-wiring volume and tone controls

Americana Series Guitars

The Americana Series guitars are replicas of the Supro “reso-glass” instruments, uniquely constructed with a chambered mahogany body and resonant molded top. This semi-hollow recipe retains the unique sonic characteristics of the vintage Supros while providing today’s musicians with a lightweight, highly playable instrument that stays in tune and is easy to maintain.

The ten distinctive models in the Americana reissue series come loaded with authentic “Vistatone” pickups, which reproduce the groundbreaking, single-coil design developed by Valco in the early 1950s. These historic reissues are available in two body styles with a range of available hardware options, including piezo body sensors and a newly developed floating vibrato system.