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SurfyBear Metal Fet Reverb Pedal



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Asbury Park:


Product Details

SurfyBear knew already that the "classic" was not destined to remain the only model in the family. They are always listening to suggestions and ideas from their customers, and not necessarily from just those who are involved in traditional surf music. They are also quite aware that they have customers who play a more modern style of surf, or completely different kinds of music, from indie to atmospheric to blues, and desire a reverb pedal to better fit in with their setup.

So what's new with this model?

  • full aluminium body - with a quite "small" pedal name written on it
  • "pedalboard friendly" enclosure - without transparent back panel and removable feet for better placement next to your other effects
  • TRUE BYPASS functionality - so that when the effect is off... it's off, without affecting your signal
  • clean boost - in order to balance the true bypass
  • external footswitch possibility
  • the Accutronics® reverb pan is still inside...