Surfy Industries SurfyBear Metal Spring Reverb Pedal, Black v2.0 w/ Surfypan

Spring reverb pedal with Surfypan designed by Surfy and Accutronics, clean boost, true bypass, and SurfyDrip functionality | Item ID: SISUBEME31

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  • Iconic 6G15-Style Spring Reverb
  • Exclusive SurfyPan Type-4 Spring Reverb Pan
  • Sturdy Aluminum Body with Removable Feet
  • Innovative Dual-LED On/Off Button
  • True Bypass for Unadulterated Signal
  • Allows for Dual Mixer Control via Optional SurfyDrip
  • External Footswitch Jack for Easy Control


Type: Spring Reverb
Power Supply: 12V Center Positive (Included)
True Bypass/Buffer: True Bypass
Ins - Outs: 1/4" In, 1/4" Out
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: 1/4" Footswitch Jack, 1/4" SurfyDrip Jack
Analog/Digital: Analog
Battery Connection: None

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