Teenage Engineering EP–133 K.O. II 64 MB Sampler Composer

High Resolution, compact, and light sampler, sequencer and composer with stereo output, Punch-In FX 2.0, and MIDI capabilities. | Item ID: TE032AS001

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  • Sampler, sequencer, composer with unparalleled capabilities
  • Built-in mic and speaker for versatile audio capture
  • 6 stereo/12 mono voices, 64MB memory, pressure-sensitive keys
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries or USB-C for portability
  • Compact dimensions: 240 mm x 176 mm x 16 mm
  • High-resolution sequencer, built-in FX, fader, pressure-sensitive pads
  • Advanced audio I/O, MIDI connectivity, and sync flexibility
  • Limited edition 10" collector's box
  • Specifications

    Sampling Frequency: 46 kHz / 16-bit
    Internal Signal Chain: 32-bit
    Memory: 64 MB
    Power Supply: USB-C or 4x AAA Batteries
    Dimensions: 9.45" x 6.93" x 0.63"
    Weight: 22 oz
    Stereo Input: 24 bit, SNR: 96 dBA, 0 - 12 dB Analog Gain
    Stereo Headphone/Line Output: 24 bit, SNR: 98 dBA, max level: 5 dBu, 1.4 Vrms
    MIDI Input and Output: TRS Type A, MMA Compliant
    Sync Input and Output: Sync 8 PPM, 16 PPM, 24 PPQN, Start/Stop

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