Teenage Engineering OP-Z Portable Wireless 16-Track Synthesiser and Multimedia Sequencer Drum Machine

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Multimedia Synthesizer/Sequencer with Advanced DSP. Versatile and Portable with 16-track sequencer and synthesizer | Item ID: TE012AS001

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  • Control your sounds with a visual component (which you were doing by colored knobs alone a few minutes ago). You can use the knobs or the touchpad on the screen to adjust each control.
  • Take snapshots with your phone through the app, or use your camera roll. Photos are assigned to keys and can be played through with your compositions.
  • Control Unity programmed video animations (it comes loaded with 2 at time of release)
  • Add in sound packs for the various instruments via drag and drop.
  • Control DMX lighting rigs
  • And tons more.


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