Way Huge WM32 Geisha Drive Overdrive Effect Pedal

Versatile overdrive with super simple user controls, and custom Japanese-inspired artwork. | Item ID: WM32

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  • Simple Circuit Accentuates Guitar and Player Personality
  • Three-Knob Control Setup for Easy Adjustments
  • Versatile Tone Range: Warm Overdrive to Thunderous Distortion
  • Tone Control to Brighten or Mellow the Sound
  • Adjustable Volume Output for Seamless Integration
  • Compatible with Clean or Overdriven Amps
  • Special Edition: Features Captivating Japanese Artwork
  • Specifications

    Feature: Description
    Circuit: Simple circuit allowing guitar and player personality to shine through
    Controls: Three-knob control setup for easy adjustments
    Tone Range: From warm overdrive to thunderous distortion
    Drive Settings: Low for warm, buttery tones; Mid for thick, tubey overdrive; High for gnarly distortion
    Tone Control: Brighten or mellow out the tone
    Volume: Adjust volume output as desired
    Compatibility: Works well with clean or already overdriven amps
    Special Edition: Limited edition featuring colorful artwork with Japanese katakana writing

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