Fender and Squier Announce New 2022 Releases

For 2022, Fender and Squier roll out the red carpet for instruments and series both new and familiar. Featuring special commemorative instruments, a new historical series, and a line of exciting new effects, Fender fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Fresh, innovative, and as always, effortlessly musical, Fender’s newest instruments are sure to catch some attention.

The Fender JV Modified Series

Fender Guitars’ long and storied history reaches across decades and around the world. Today, the brand’s worldwide fame is reexamined from a different angle. The JV Modified Series is a line of instruments inspired by the coveted “Japanese Vintage” reissue models from the early 1980s. The original “Japanese Vintage” models, inspired by Fender’s “Golden Era” instruments of the 1950s and 1960s, brought original Fender tones and style back to life for 1980s players. These instruments, now highly sought after, get a modern revival in the JV Modified Series.

The Fender JV Modified Series features two Stratocasters and two Telecasters. All four models are constructed with basswood bodies and maple necks in Thick Soft “V” profiles. Combined, these specifications and materials make the JV Modified Series feel like classic Fenders in hand, as if picked from the “Golden Era.” The JV Modified Series goes further with the series with a number of key electronic updates. Push/pull tone control pots on each model introduce advanced wiring options within each instrument to open new frontiers of tone. From humbucker coil-splitting on the JV Modified '50s Stratocaster HSS to parallel and series wiring options on the JV Modified '50s Telecaster and JV Modified '60s Custom Telecaster, the models offer new avenues to explore classic Fender tones. Additional updates to the series include locking tuners, bone nuts, and satin neck finishes.

With the JV Modified Series, the classic Fender formula is rethought for a new musical experience.

Fender Hammertone Pedals

For Fender fans seeking reliable and easily accessible effect pedals with plenty of tone and character, Hammertone is the answer. Fender’s newest line of effect pedals brings out nine new entries to the Fender effects family. The Hammertone Pedals effect experience centers around creating a unified series of pedals that are easy to use and deeply musical. From overdrives and distortions to reverbs and delays, Hammertone Pedals are laid out plainly to get into the effect action quickly. Every pedal comes with its own unique function, be it two-band EQs to multiple effect modes, for one-of-a-kind effect experiences from the first click of the footswitch. True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks make Hammertone pedals easy to play and add to a board for new Fender effect tones.

The Squier 40th Anniversary Series

Across generations, the Squier name has become associated closely with reliable instrument design and expressive musicality. Squier instruments became a household name in electric guitar design for good reason, and today’s Squier 40th Anniversary Series celebrates such a legacy. With ten instruments in the series, quite a bit of ground is covered. The series features Squier versions of Fender classics including the Squier Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass, and Precision Bass. New styles and specifications land with this series to make it a true musical celebration.

The 40th Anniversary Series is comprised of two categories of instrument – Vintage Edition and Gold Edition. Between the two editions, certain aspects are shared to create two unified collections within the series. Gold Edition models feature upscaled specifications and standout visual aspects. Gold plated hardware, gold anodized pickguards, and eye-catching finishes make the Gold Edition stand out aesthetically. Fender-designed single-coil pickups adorn each model along with bound Indian laurel fingerboards. The Gold Edition collection of instruments makes for standout models among the entire 40th Anniversary Series.

Vintage Edition models from the series hearken back and are more closely inspired by vintage instruments. The aesthetic stylings of these instruments are unified by tinted satin neck finishes, aged chrome hardware, and satin body finishes. Maple fingerboards and vintage-style tuning machines make appearances on Vintage Edition models, in addition to Fender-designed single-coil pickups for instruments that both look and play with classic stylings.

Four decades on, and the Squier name is still as famous as ever. The 40th Anniversary Series commemorates the brand in a grand fashion.

The Fender 60th Anniversary Jaguar

One of the most refined and distinguished models ever produced by Fender, the Jaguar’s reputation precedes it. The iconic offset body, unique pickup configurations, and standout hardware design made the Jaguar a classic quickly from its introduction in 1962. Today, the Jaguar receives a glowing tribute with three Anniversary models.

The first two Anniversary Jaguars key in on the iconic features that made the original so striking. With alder bodies, period-accurate shaped maple necks, and bound rosewood fingerboards, the 60th Anniversary Jaguars are outstanding instruments in hand. Specially designed 60th Anniversary Jaguar single-coil pickups summon all the iconic single-coil sounds that made the Jaguar so impressive across generations – and those sounds are sweet as ever. Mystic Lake Placid Blue and Mystic Dakota Red body finishes and matching headstocks are infatuating and capture a timeless Fender aesthetic. With so many incredible aspects of these guitars, the 60th Anniversary Jaguars are true treasures.

In addition to the classically inspired 60th Anniversary Jaguar, Fender also introduces the 60th Anniversary Ultra Luxe Jaguar. This more modern take on the iconic model incorporates newer specifications and features including a contoured alder body, a sculpted maple neck, an ebony fingerboard, and two Double-Tap humbucking pickups. The sleek presentation and seamless playability of this model make it an outstanding tribute to the Fender classic from a different angle.

Fender and Squier's 2022

These releases from the iconic brand make it exciting as ever to be a Fender fan. Those seeking the latest in Fender’s cutting-edge design and boundless creativity have quite the selection to browse as Fender’s endless drive for the next big idea carries on.

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