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Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars, founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, is known for its innovative approach to guitar design and manufacturing, having introduced several boundary-pushing acoustic features including V-Class bracing, the ultra-comfortable Taylor neck, and the Grand Auditorium body shape. Valued by players for their vibrant, articulate sound, Taylor acoustic guitars are versatile instruments played by some of the world's top artists, thanks to their top-tier construction and exceptional tonewoods.


Taylor Guitars New Arrivals
V-Class Bracing
Taylor Grand Pacific
Koa Taylor Guitars
Taylor Guitar Body Shapes

The Taylor Guitars acoustic line is organizerd by series. Each series features a unique combination of tonewoods and aesthetic details, which add up to a diverse mix of musical personalities.

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The Ebony Project

Taylor Guitars leads the way in the fight for a sustainable future. Through the Ebony Project, Taylor is redefining how ebony wood is sourced, replanting trees and innovating new forest management strategies in an effort to be responsible stewards of our planet's precious resources.

V-Class Bracing

One of the most significant updates to acoustic guitar design in decades, V-Class bracing represents a major step forward in how guitars can perform. The new bracing scheme, which elevates a guitar's volume and sustain while improving its intonation and musicality, is available in Taylor models throughout the line from 300 Series on up.

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, Taylor's free eBook will help you find the perfect guitar for you.

Financing a Guitar

Learn about how interest-free financing can boost your budget and help you get the guitar you really want.

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