Caroline Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator Pedal

Lo-Fi Modulation Pedal with Chorus, Vibrato and Faux-Rotary Effects | Item ID: SOMERSAULT

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  • OffsetSets the time difference between the modulated and dry signals - higher settings will have an increasingly dramatic effect
  • SpeedSets the rate of the oscillator sweep
  • DepthSets the intensity of the wave on the modulation line
  • MixCan go from completely dry (counterclockwise) to 100% wet (clockwise)
  • WaveRight toggler selects either triangular or square wave shapes
  • ToneLeft toggle allows for full range sounds or a hi-end cut on the wet signal
  • HavocRemoves the Speed control from the equation, maxing the rate of demand
  • BypassOn and Off


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