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Fuzzrocious 420 Fuzz

A truly righteous fuzz with two separate fuzz circuits and 9v/18v toggle switch |

Item ID: 420FUZZ


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Fuzzrocious is no stranger to a solid fuzz pedal, and with the latest iteration of the 420 Fuzz, they’ve taken an already storied pedal and tweaked it to the top of its class.  Like the original, the 420 Fuzz is built around an EL5420csz quad op-amp, keenly chosen for its name.  This design creates two separate fuzz circuits, which can be strategically mixed together to make a hybrid strain (sorry).

The first fuzz is a long sustaining, low growl of a beast, while the second fuzz is a mid-scooped, gated screeching eagle with the equivalent of a tonal right hook.  The latest edition of the 420 Fuzz includes a clean mix knob, allowing for the input signal to be blended with the fuzz.  It also has an on/off switch for the first fuzz so you can punch in when you want to kick things up a notch.  With the 9v/18 volt toggle switch, flip to 18v to add a bit of clarity and headroom.

Let’s be blunt (couldn’t resist), the 420 fuzz lets you take two wonderful fuzzes, tweak them individually and then mix them up to create a version of your own.