Keeley Electronics Muse Driver - Andy Timmons Full-Range Overdrive Effect Pedal

Tonal versatility with Germanium-driven overdrive, dynamic voicings, and noise-free switching in a compact pedal inspired by Andy Timmons. | Item ID: KMUSE

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Type: Full Range Overdrive
Controls : Drive, Tone, Andy Timmons Tone Switch, Drive Clipping, Buffered Bypass/True Bypass
Voicing Options: Clean Boost, Treble Supercharger, Chimey Tube-Amp Overdrive, Square-Wave Germanium Fuzz Generator
Circuitry: Three-control blues driver circuit, JFET Transistors, Germanium Diodes, Op-Amp Gain
Power Options : 9-18V operation for a vast dynamic range and headroom

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