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Peavey Prowler 1x12 Combo - Used

Item ID: ISS4472


Product Details

This Prowler is in Good condition, with some scratches in the tolex and grille cloth.


We give you this: the Peavey Prowler. Made in Meridian, MS, this 45-watt 1x12 combo features two channels with global spring reverb, effects loop, and volume boost on the dirty channel. A two-button Peavey footswitch is included, which switches between channels and engages/disengages the boost feature on the drive channel.
This amp's clean channel is very lively, and the reverb is extra drippy - great for surf rockers and indie soundscapers. The drive channel has plenty of gain on tap and works well for classic rock and blues - the roots of Peavey amps. Dial back the mids (labeled "Body") and you're in a cool grunge-inspired territory.
USA-made Peaveys are built like tanks. If you're looking for tubes without busting the bank, give this Peavey Prowler a shot.