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Fender Announces 2021 Releases

With plenty of exciting new instruments joining the Fender family in 2021, check out what this year will have to offer!

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A name synonymous with guitars, Fender can be seen center stage at some of musics greatest moments.

New Arrival
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Custom Shop

With expert luthiers and decades of Fender know-how, the Custom Shop serves up immaculately detailed works of art.

New Arrival
New Arrival
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With grit and stage-readiness, Squier has cemented itself as the home for workhorse guitars built for any style.

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Fender American Ultra Review

08/06/2020 • 4 min read

Down to the last detail, the American Ultra series is a meticulously crafted set of instruments


Fender American Professional II Stratocaster Demo

Tom May of The Menzingers joins Russo Music for a first look at the American Professional II Stratocaster

Latest Arrivals

Fender Guitars

Fender is a name closely tied, if not synonymous, with musicianship of the highest degree. Reinventing the landscape of musical instruments multiple times over multiple decadestime after time, the mastery of the craft is unparalleled. With instruments as outstanding and diverse as the players who hold them, there seems to be a Fender for everyone, as it always has been.

History of Fender Guitars

The Fender drive for innovation and passion for quality originates with Clarence “Leo” Fender in Fullerton, California, in 1938. Fender originally specialized in amplifier electronics repair with his company, Fender’s Radio Service, before evolving into developing his own amplifiers. The company adopted a new direction to manufacture not only original amplifiers, but original instruments as well. After striking out with this new goal, Fender took on a new name, the Fender Electric Instrument Company in 1946, and before long, the iconic instruments we know today started to sprout up.

1951 brought the introduction of the Fender Telecaster and Precision Bass, two indispensable classics of electric guitar design. Three years later, the Fender Stratocaster made its debut with an iconic contoured body and refined voice, and it would not be long before musicians would take notice of these new instruments and make musical history. One key early adopter of Fender was not a musician, but a genre altogether. The evolution and popularity of rock and roll and its connection to American culture put Fender on the map – as well as on television. New stars like Bill Haley and Buddy Holly brought Fender tones to the airwaves on radio and television for a new kind of sound that only Fender could produce.

The coming decades ushered in bold advancements and successes for Fender. New models such as Jazzmasters, Jazz Basses, and tube-driven “Reverb” amplifiers all solidified the Fender name as a trailblazer and boundary breaker. From the psychedelic shredders of the 1960s to the punk rockers of the 1970s, Fender’s timeless models made seamless transitions from style to style and decade to decade. The names are iconic, the tunes are classic, and it can safely be said that music today would not be the same without Fender.

A Musical Institution

Fender’s mastery of electric instrument design and manufacturing is evident in every model produced from the 1950s onward. Careful, thoughtful designs and refined Fender tones are as relevant as ever in today’s modern musical landscape. The classic models known and loved by musicians around the world have taken on new incarnations time and time again to best equip players with the sounds they need to express themselves. That spirit of unbridled expression exists today in Fender instruments the same way as when the name was first initialed on a headstock.

Forward-thinking, effortlessly inventive, and endlessly imaginative, there isn’t too much else to say.