Electro Harmonix MIG-50 50W Tube Head

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A fauthful reissue of the original Sovket model from the early 90's, this Electro-Harmonix Reboot is a first rate recreation!  Built on the loved design, they've brought production into their New York factory and revamped the design to improve the components and construction to create a true workhorse. With two channels, one being normal and two being bright /high gain, there are plenty of options to rock any style. This is a truly road worthy amp that we are excited to see come back to center stage.



Power Section: 2x Tung-Sol 5881
Preamp Section: 3x Tung-Sol 12AX7
Speaker Config: -
Wattage/Ohms 50w - 4/8/16 ohm out
Effects: -
Channels: 2 Channel
FX Loop: None
Footswitch: None
Master Volume: Channel Volume
Cover: None