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Meinl 21" Transition Ride - Used

Item ID: ISS6153


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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This cymbal was designed for Mike Johnston to be sort of a "desert island" cymbal. Just like the name implies, it's able to quickly transition from being a ride to a crash. Hit near the bell and you get a very articulate, dry, complex ride sound and hit it near the edge and it will open up into a dark explosive crash. The crash doesn't last though, and it will quickly get out of the way when you go back to your complex ride pattern. Kind of the perfect concept for a cymbal, and every single one is a little bit different. This particular one sounds phenomenal.

This Meinl 21" Transition Ride is in mint condition with no keyholing or flea bites.

Warning: This product contains a chemical(s) that is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to