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Includes: Brass body, white leather JR insert, and blue lined case.

Through manufacturing and ready for shipping Feb 18th! Works on snare AND toms.  Reach the tone of your toms with the Jr. like you never thought possible.  Flip the leather around inside the Jr like a treble switch on an amp- the softer side down will give you a rounder bodied tone whereas the white side down has a bit more stick attack.  To prevent against any metal rattle with the snareweight to hoop, we've come up with what we call a "jitter gutter" located above the magnet. This incredibly absorptive rubber called Sorbothane is expensive but particularly effective in preventing the transmission of vibration of snareweight to hoop- helping to keep it right where you want it and free of any extra counteractive vibrations.  Lastly the improvement of the magnet size and sharper compound angle make it ideal for both toms and snare hoops with a range in degrees 5-10 for a great fit every time. The new features inch up the price but we feel it is worth it.